Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-15 22:41:01 (UTC)

A stubborn slave girl

There is a strange irony in all that has happened between
us. This girl flirted and teased you from afar in the
safetly of a camp collar.She sought you out when
released only to run from you because she was hurt and
thought You did not want her.Turning to the arms and
collar of another who betrayed her trust. She was to
stubborn to admit the obvious that You had owned her heart
and mind even while in camp collar. When she got into
trouble she turned to You and You showed her great mercy
and trust by helping her,taking her as yours. She
relized over the past few days what you truly mean to
her,she has felt empty and alone with out you ,consumed by
fear of loosing you . Although a world apart
physcially she felt your around her, smelt your scent ,
felt your touch , today and loved it.

You calmed her rage from her flatmate and made her focus..
thank you for that. She is cleaning the house today, from
wall to wall. Her roommate is a slob and so is her
daughter and Your girl cant stand clutter or filth ...lol

The house smells of pinesol and bleach, her hands burn ,
but her heart feels like its on cloud nine. She loved time
with you today and god knows You excite her in every
way .The kids are playing in the yard with the little boy
from next door. The house is quiet except the tumble of
the wash machine.

Fate is a strange beast and this girl has made some
strange choices but she prays that she pleases You
always and that You will always hold her close and mayhap
one day grow to love her .


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