southern life
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2004-02-15 22:08:14 (UTC)

My First Entry On Another Boring Sunday

WOOHOO, my first entry!!! I'm so excited!!! Ok, so I'm not
really, hehe. I'll try to take a little time out of my oh
so busy life to write in here every day. However, I'm
almost for sure that there will not be a new entry
everyday. Why? Because I'm too damn lazy. Now, as for
what's going on in my life right now...there really is
nothing to speek of. Valentines day was yesturday, gotta
be the best day of the year...only for those in love which
i'm not, sigh*. I had fun lastnight though. I went out to
eat and rode around with Lacy. God we had such a hot
waiter, but that's a whole other story, well, not really.
As for today, it's been very borin. I watch the
movie "philidelphia" for the first time. OMG, that is such
an amazing movie. Tomorrow I've gotta go into work at 2
p.m. and will probably work till 5:30 or 6:00. Well,
that's it for the first entry. Goodbye for now!!!