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2004-02-15 21:30:12 (UTC)

I have good days and bad days

Valentines was a good day, beacuse i asked Kim to marry me
over dinner, and she said yes...I am so excited...She is
special to me, and I love her with all my heart and soul,
but she probably don't believe it...but I do.....( I
realize there will be a lot of angry people out there ,
but you know something I don't give a fuck...So people get
over it..I'm greatful that she is having me kid...I really
don't care what it is just along as it is healthy....She
started to blush when I took her hand and ask her the big
question...It was so cute(you just had to be there).....I
hope everything works out in the future...which I know it
My bad days are my depression, and somedays it is
unbearable, but I have Kim to talk me thought it, and
that's one of here specialities....Kim is very special in
alot of different ways, and she has the ability to help
others....(I really think she should do that as a
profession)My bad days consist of my brother Vinny, and
how a drunk driver took his life, and it hurt my family
real bad as well as me..he was my bestfriend...But now I
have one real best friend, and that is Kim.....This i'm
writing is not for sympnty it's just for people to know
were I'm coming from..Well thanks for your time diary
intill next time......