Crazy life & random thoughts of `C`
2004-02-15 20:11:41 (UTC)

No Direction Day - Part 1

   Ever have days where you don’t or should I say feel as
though you have any direction in life. I mean once you have
a house, a couple of offsprings and a car, you don’t have a
choice. Its work and earn money to support and pay for
these things. Your then plugged into the system and you
wont get out! (Unless you win the lottery, then maybe).
What if you have none of the above things to worry
about? What if you were totally free? This point, I guess
you have to decide what you want to do. But what if you
I think if you have nothing then you have so many
opportunities, thought when searching through them which is
the right one? This is my dilemma and I have many days like
these… so behold my “No Direction Day – part 1”

Confused C