Ashley's thoughts
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2004-02-15 20:02:28 (UTC)

valentines day : (

Yesterday was Valentines day. NOT FUN AT ALL..... I was
sooo bored.........well let me start from the beginning....

On Tuesday I played football with Erica Toal, Mike Baker,
Nick Keels:), Chris Banning, and some other people from
their neighborhood. It was soo fun.

Then, on Thursday, I played football with them again and
some other guys joined. My team, (Erica, Nick:), Mike,
and myself) WON! 10-2! yea!

Friday.... Went home with Kristin(L) and Erica(T). Then
we hung out and spent the night at Kristins. We did this
remaking of the REAL WORLD! it was awesome!... I was the
ditzy girl (Julie), Kristin was the Sophisticated, smart
girl (Rebecca), and Erica was the stoner (Mary Jane)!

Saturday(Valentines Day)~ watched Final Destination 2 with
kristin and erica... then we went to Ericas and hung out
4 while... then we diecided to go to CVS and i took some
eyeliner ;) The thing beeped and i was freaking out... I
jus kept goin and i was like "OMG!" After that incident, I
came home and slept. Then my dad surprised me and my sis
with chinese food. Later, my dad took me to rent a movie.
I got Drumline (GOOD MOVIE!) and watched that.

^^ Pretty BORING valentines day ^^

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