Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-02-15 18:44:56 (UTC)


dude, this was the BEST valentines day so far! i went to
hardwood i danced with cody, rick, john, janet, amanda,
sabby, lizzy...everyone. it was sooo much fun. It was good
to be able to dance with and see cody. i love him sooo
much! AND MY PARENTS THINK HES A GOOD KID! lol. my mum was
impressed with the "yes sir" and "no sir" stuff. ;-D and
my dad was impressed with his driving. hopefully my
parents will let him come over again...but this time to
take me out like on a real date or something. idk..prolly
not. AND my brother even danced! its amazin. AND he got
his first french kiss from Amanda AND he got a phone #
from a chick named Erica. I dont even kno her. it was fun.
i was another one to happen soon!! well no...cuz its too
much worrying! lol. but it was really fun. im actually
gonna see if my and Janet can go to a teen night at the
civic center...maybe jason too (he can get his own date)
and cody and rick. that would be fun. *shrugs sholders*
idk. i kno that i love cody....and that Janet has aquired
a crush on Rick. lol. well im exhaused so...yea...

[email protected], Love, and Chicken Greese,