The twisted thoughts of me
2004-02-15 14:24:25 (UTC)

I have no subject 2day

Well..everything has been going the way i want it to, at
least most of it. Like brandon likes me(or so he says),i
have been going to the roller rene,i havent cut or got in a
fight with any1 for a few weeks. But even though i have
been getting what i want just feels weird as if not
enough though it is. like im still not happy.does that make
me like a selfish bitch??? I mean there is nothing i want
nothing i need but my friends and...well love. as said in
the bible , with out love im nothing.without love i am as
a resounding gong or a clashing symbol,if i gain all
knowledge but do not have love i am nothing.
its helpless..i will never find love.hmmmm....well i
dont know ..people say that there is someone for every1 out
there....but i guess not...owell i g2g byebye