my many moods
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2004-02-15 05:44:27 (UTC)

my immortal

Its kinda dumb but my brother is my immortal. My
brother and i used to go every where do everything
together. Im going to be 16 and he is 17. Ever sence he
was able to drive he has decided that he doesnt want me in
his life and not to be friends w/ his friends. We used to
share everything, tell eachother things others didnt
know. I know its korny but he was my bestfriend. I feel
i have lost him. Everyday atleast 5 times a day we
fight. Our parents used to fight a lot and when they did
they would yell loud. My brother and i would sit at the
top of our stairs and hold eachothers hand and he would
tell me everything would be ok and that he will always be
there for me and now i feel he isnt... i want that back.
Now all we say to eachother is i hate u, i wish u werent
in my life. We have been through so many things and none
come close to as bad as this. I hurt so bad and need a
way out. No one understands how i feel everyone says that
i need to get over it and that we will be ok well this
isnt getting better only worse. I love him so much and i
feel that he would be better off if i was never born.

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