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2004-02-15 04:44:14 (UTC)


Well today was GAY... i didnt get to spend it the way i
wanted to (with daniel) but i had a pretty good time
anyways.. i went to this irish pub thingy with my dad ,
sharon(his gf) my grandparents, and my uncle... HA NOT
EXACTLY WHAT I COULD OF BEEN DOING...but i tried to call
my special someone but he didnt awnser! i got him this
cute stitch (ya know from lilo and stitch) and sum CANDY!
lol but the bear he got me is CUTER but hey i tried... I'm
at my dad's house right now.. yeah pretty bored and there
watching Lion king 1 and a half...NOT TOO EXCITED TO WATCH
THAT... my life right now is really gay and boring so im
hoping soon it'll pick up pase...but that doesnt mean
DRAMA... And IM SOOOO SORRY JON ...I have too many reasons
not to talk to you even thou deep down i want too...but
sumtimes you gotta make sacrifices to get what you want in
life and i guess i want daniel back...I've fucked up too
many times in the "love" catagory to even risk messin up