WhoaBaby! Crazy life
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2004-02-15 04:35:31 (UTC)

more of me

..I'm a GigaLo, spendin' lotsa dough, uuhuh..
its stuck in my head.
well im reall like.. giddy right now. im just happe. must
b the spirit of saint valentine.. eyah he got his head
chopped off..
Well i was ganna go out tonight but it didnt realy work
out. i dunno im real happy though.
Yesterday i called sammy 2 c what she was up 2 and she
invited me along 2 Lomis house and i was like eh well but
i went anyways. Turns out i had the best time. We played
strip Bullshit which was amazing. lol tied up keegan and
messed w him cuz 4 a while he was the only boy there.
hahaha.. poor kid. then some other guys came. there was a
guy that kinda caught my eye hehehe..:) Lets just
nickname him Curly, cuz hes got curly hair. well hes so
bonerbal. not to mention hes really cool and he seems fun
and what not. We played Ping Pong. Sam sez hes usually
really shy and keeps to himself but she said he kinda
opend up so im liek YAY I CRACKED THE SHELL.. yeah im
really wierd sometimes. well alright all the time but i
dont care i love who i am.
LoL sam called earlier i was like.. some guy who works in
a cheese factory wants me. we were like pissing our pants
for half an hr its just so embarassing to say u work in a
cheese factory i mean come on now who does that?
Anyways i think that valentines day is just so gay. i mean
id love it if i actually had a boyfriend or like a guy i
was with or something. but suprisingly, im in a good mood.
Like all my friends w out w their boyfriends, prolly
having sex. not that id b having sex right now cuz
frankly, i dont think im ready 4 that yet.. i 1st need 2
find some1 i can trust lol. but yeah I mean it seems liek
every1 i know has some1 and then theres me sitting here in
my jacket talking about my life in a online journal. yeah
thats kinda wierd..
well i don't know. Im really glad i hung w sam yesterday i
missed her a ton. now im thirsty though so i'll write
later aain maybe.

If theres anything that u want
if theres anything i could do
just call on me and i'll send it along
with love from me to yoy -Beatles

Love Ivana

ps- WOW im soo pumped im going to europe in the summer for
a MONTH!! i cant freakin wait im so excited.. woohooo! ah
and there is like no drinking age there its liek 16 and
guess what? im 16!! ahhh heeheh..

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