malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-02-15 04:28:43 (UTC)


she was seated at the window, when something dark came,
it wasn't night, but as close to night as she'd ever been
somehow darker and gentler, not speckled with lighted stars,
it struck her momentarily blind, like all sudden darknesses do
and when it touched her cheek- she gasped at is splendor.
the wind blew now, and as her vision cleared she beheld a
notion of beggining. she was no longer- but in a brilliant
land far from the norm of her four safe walls that always
looked to be closing in. a song was ringing in the soft
mist, it was a mournful song of tragedy and longing. it was
just then, as she was ready to go home, that a voice groped
for her; her eyes grew wide, and any notion of leaving, was
immediately forgotten...