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2004-02-15 01:26:24 (UTC)

Valentines Day and some terrible shit!

Dear diary,
What is going on and stuff? Valentines Day has
already arrived, damn, that was fast. I remember last year
when I just gave Charlotte her present. Its her birthday
today and I don't even have her phone number with me! Im
like ahhhhh! This is going to be the first ever time that
I don't call her and wish her a happy one. Im disappointed
at myself. I'll call her tomorrow then. Anyways, today is
Laura's and I's first ever Valentine's Day. I didn't even
think I would spend the night yesterday but I did. It was
so cool waking up next to my love again. We haven't done
that in a week. You see....I did one of the most worst
mistakes of my life last Saturday. Something came over me
and I broke up with Laura. I tried to get her back that
day but she refused. All hell broke loose that night, we
still ended up going to the club that night with our
friends but shit happened. She saw her beloved
Bell....just joking babe or am I? ;) I started dancing
with this weird girl, she started dancing with Ding
Dong....they ended up holding hands. Damn, that was a
spear right through my heart. It was pretty crazy. Then I
find out from her that Bell kissed her....that was another
stab. Oh yeah, her ex-best friend, Larissa is saying some
stuff....that her and I slept together. HA! Shes full of
it. When Laura broke up with me the first time, I hated
her so much and I wanted to get her back so I made up that
myth to hurt her twice. It was just a myth that Larissa
and I agreed to say to people so Laura could believe it. I
didn't say it to anyone, I don't know about her...until
now. She told someone and it got to Laura. It was a whole
mess and once again, I had to fix it. But yeah, thats the
past, now looking forward. Well Laura took me back on
Thursday night. Oh my god I was like fucking happy as
hell. The whole idea of her not being mine this week
SUCKED! I fucking hated it! I worked so hard to get her,
so much patience and effort and I just let her go. What
the fuck was I fucking thinking??!! Me and my stupidity, I
know. Lucky me, I have a girl like her who loves me and I
love her back. So yeah she took my stupid sorry ass self
back and this time, its for real. Im not going to fuck up,
like I always do. When I got inside my house, I just like
started jumping and acted stupid of knowing that she took
me back. This month, we complete 1 year and it just has to
come! I want to do something so special on that day for
us. On that time, I know for sure in hell Im going to have
the money. I feel so fucking horrible cause I didn't get
her anything but a little crappy poem I wrote her but its
at home. I should've learned it and say it to her but I
didn't. Our anniversary....its on me though. I have two
plans, if plan A don't work, then off to plan B. But yeah
we've had our ups and downs, mostly downs this week. Its
been one of the horrible ones to remember. I love that
girl though. I know shes the one. Once again, I hated the
fact that she wasn't mine! Shes all mine damn it! Ha, I
sound all psycho and shit. Oh well, shes mine, lol. Well
damn, I wrote a little too much. I think I should go. Im
going to go to my babe now. I'll talk to all of you
weirdos out there later! Bye! I LOVE YOU BABE!! HAPPY


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