2004-02-15 01:26:21 (UTC)

Hey Sabby, I went to a wedding..

Hey Sabby,

I went to a wedding yesterday, for valentines day, and it
was beautiful. the only thing is, it was the hottest day on
record. 46 degrees so thats about um.. 120 degrees it was
sooooo hot.
last night it was hot as well.

Its about 6pm Saturday night your time, and Sunday morning
here. Happy Valentines day!! oh, and unhappy b'day *lol*

seriously, have a romanticly fabulous valentines night, and
*big sloopy kiss* from me.

I um.. wish you'd get online... but its saturday night
there, so i know you wont *sigh*

anyway, u know how i feel, so im not going to get all mushy
again, cuz thats just not me *lol*. Im really happy lately
Sab! apart from the other night, I have never felt better
since i broke up with Marco. You have a lot to do with
that, cuz you really do make me feel great!

So, anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that I'm going
to be getting my way, and going to Las Vegas from Oct 02 -
11 this year.

Part of it will have to be working, cuz its a work trip
sorta thing, but thats ok, there are still a few free days,
and we can hang out. Maybe I wont come back to Australia
(hint hint!!!!)*lol* j/k.

Happy Valentines day Sab.. Be Mine?

Love from Niki xxx