2004-02-15 01:25:59 (UTC)

Subject: RE: when "the gods"..

Subject: RE: when "the gods" are telling you something....
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 20:17:59 0000

of course I'm gonna respond to that, cuz it does mean
so to answer your question, are you more like melly or
vanessa, to
me....? neither.... youll never be like vanessa, because
she never
meant anything to me... just something to past time, and
melissa, is
a life long best friend type, .... your in your own
catagory... your
someone i can talk to for hours, someone i think about
someone that i have more than "love" feelings for.... i
have so many
un explainable feelings for you... i guess they could all
fall under
the "love catoagory".... but i wish i could tear my
feelings apart,
and be able to explain it all... but i cant...

i know what you mean when you say that every little thing
reminding you of me, cuz its happening to me too... i cant
make it
stop either.... .. maybe it is faith... i doont know

your craazzzzzyyyy when you say you dont believe me when i
tell you
that i love you, because i do... more than youll ever be
able to

love me

write me back