Montana bound
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2004-02-14 22:35:51 (UTC)

I hate my job

This is horse shit. I'm scheduled for a grand total of 15
hours next week. Three shifts, all short, all evening.

Kind of strange considering I was hired on as a full-time
morning bagger, eh?

Hell, there are fucking part time high school kids getting
more hours than me next week.

When I approached Brandi about it, she said they've got so
many baggers and they're trying to incorporate them all
into the schedule.

Allow me to interpret. "I was a dumb shit and hired too
many snot-nosed high school kids and another day bagger
that we didn't need, and as a direct result of my blatant
stupidity, everyone's hours are going to suffer while I
sit on my dimpled white cottage-cheese ass in my
comfortable store manager position and continue to rake in
profits for myself."

I've never been more ready to get the fuck out of here.