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2004-02-14 20:27:59 (UTC)

the saint day

Feb 14th...this could be fun.

Last night i had a bad work experience well actually 2
nights in a row but last night was the breakin point with
one of my co-workers. My co worker and I have gotten along
well in the past but for some reason she has been rude to
me for the past 2 nights. We had a scuffle at the end of
the night and instead of talking about it like adults she
refused my offer to get it worked out and ignored me like a
child instead. I have done all i could inspite of her
rudeness to me and have tried to be nice and get along with
her and she snuffs me and ignores me. I just cant take this
for goodness sake...act adult man! She's 20, she can be a
big girl about things. I dont know how i have offended her
but i guess i have. Another person was working with us and
can testify that i was being nice and upbeat...i have been
trying to ignore her rude behavior but it seems like she
doesnt want to be adult.
So the only resort is gettin our boss involved and talking
it over with a middle man... how childish.
Geez...people can be very stubborn...if she has a problem
she can leave it at home and just be polite at work.

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