Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-14 19:54:59 (UTC)

Schadenfreude - before Day Four - An up-to-date

I saw one of my nemeses today. He's a curly haired cretin
I've hated for 3 years. He was going out with a girl I
liked - you can probably trace her back within this diary -
but she was better than him. He was just so....annoying.
And not just because he was going out with this girl.

Anyway, on my way to collect my photos in Norwich today, I
saw him walking out of the city, clutching a Valentine's
card, which he looked at, pained, and then tore it up.

Ideally, it would be him thinking "No, I've lost
her"...but it could be him thinking "No, she's blown it".
Either way, it seems they're no longer together. And I was
much happy to see it.

Schadenfreude, see?

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