Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-14 19:31:08 (UTC)

Berlin Day Three (Part Five)

Well, after our getting lost experiences that were
beginning to weigh us down, we decided that the S-Bahn
would be the best way to go about it...and we were well
directed, even though it was getting late, we knew we had
plenty of time, and we had the route thoroughly planned,
with the change in the bottom right of the map.

The best laid plans.... we missed our stop, and didn't
realise until the end of the line - Grunau - and the
trains there were infrequent to say the least. And the
gangs were, well, there was one. They approached us and
said something a bit menacing in German. I guess they
don't get many tourists out that far. And they were
probably asking if we had a light. Needless to say, we
spent 20 minutes waiting on the platform.

Eventually....we got the train back to where we were meant
to be. It was, by then, around 11pm, and two hours since
we'd left the hostel. TN and I were, to say the least,
annoyed. Why MTS gets the blame for this, I don't
know...but he does. Probably because he kept insisting we
went there instead of cutting our losses and going
somewhere close.

Anyway, when we got out at the station, we had no idea
where Motzstrasse was (remember the name) so we went into
a pub to ask. They were happy to tell us, and even for us
not to buy a drink. So we went on looking for a gardened
square that held the key to our destination.

We might have gone up 2 stops on the U-Bahn, we might have
walked, I don't recall now, but anyway, we found this
square, but couldn't find Motzstrasse. There was a
restaurant open, though, so we rushed and I asked the guy
working there, in my best German (The only REAL German
anyone spoke all the time we were there, I don't think he
knew we were English - "Wo konnen wir Motzstrasse
finden?" - Where can we find Motzstrasse?).

He then told us, in no uncertain terms, that Motzstrasse
was massive, and stretched about 1300 metres either way,
so if we wanted a specific bar - which we did "Hafen",
we'd be better going one way, and then, going the other if
we didn't find it sharpish. Remember that line. We did.

We walked for 15 minutes and found nothing except, well,
nothing. It was barren and nothing was there, so we walked
15 minutes back. TN and I were getting quite annoyed by
this point. Moreso. When we walked back past the Italian
restaurant, what felt like 25 minutes later, we resolved
that if we hadn't found 'Hafen' within 10 minutes, we
would go into the first bar we saw.

Fortunately, only five minutes had passed when we saw our
first bar, proudly flying the rainbow flag outside. Then
the bars came thick and fast, and we became excited. Of
course, it was dead on 10 minutes after the resolution
that Hafen hove into view. The sense of relief was
palpable as we made our way inside.

The Alex Harvey Band - Goin' To The Boston Tea Party.