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Bella Morte
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2004-02-14 18:00:07 (UTC)

singles awareness day

" tomorrow is singles awareness day..." -one of my very good
friends told me that. he is silly and goofy and really tall,
at least when compared to me.

i logged on here today planning to rave and rant about how
unjust and lousy valentines day is. but in the process of
signing on, i realized that, if I was in a relationship, i
would be stoked about today. i'm NOT in any relationship,
and sure, i kinda like someone, but its nothing to rave
about, and sure, today makes me a little more oddy knocky.
but i'm not even sad anymore, i'm just kinda dismissing
today. i fail to see a point in moaning and groaning about.
there's a boss gray sky out there, and its totally looking
like a swell day, even for the single.

so, instead of wining, i'm just gonna stroll along the
primrose path for a minoota, daydream with words.

the ideal (i'm pretty idealistic) love (dare i call it
such?)- okay, my ideal love is not completely made of lust,
it is sweet and sexy and gentle. its nostalgic and playful.
its something that's exciting and adventuresome, spontaneuos
but secure and steady. its never melodramatic or stressing
because there is trust, and jealousy is not a crime. it
isn't clingy or awkward or obsessive. its loose and free- to
an extent, but its always there, and being apart only makes
it stronger. it shouldn't be too serious, so that the
butterflies can still flutter when you look into eachother's
eyes, and the silent knowing when all you have to do is sit
near them to feel loved...

and the best song for this is "i only have eyes for you"
written in the twenties, but the flamingoes made it famous

My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you.

Are the stars out tonight?
I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear.

The moon maybe high
but I can't see a thing in the sky,
'Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.

I don't know if we're in a garden,
or on a crowded avenue.

You are here
So am I
Maybe millions of people go by,
but they all disappear from view.
And I Only Have Eyes For You.

perhaps i'm silly for dreaming, or perhaps its a silly
dream, but ah, they're such nice dreams...

tragically yours,


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