2004-02-14 15:21:42 (UTC)

February 14th!!! Happy Valentines Day:)!

Hey Guys! I dont have much time right now to type anything
but i thought i might start doing a journal so that maybe
everyone could see how things were without really talking
to me. Not that i mind talking to anyone haha no i just
dont always have time because usually im not home or im
here or there or whatever. You know right??
Anyway, today is Valentines day as we all know, but also,
today is Winterball! Yes, i must admit i am very paranoid
about how things will work out because i dont know what to
tell the lady to do to my hair. Ugh:( Oh well, but i am
going to a place that a guy owns from my church (Open
Bible) so hopefully that all goes over well.
Enough about that, I can update you all later on things,
but right now i am being hinted at by my mother who so
desbrately needs the phone. So I love you all!!!! Have a
great day!!

Alicia *MARIE*