forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-02-14 06:50:03 (UTC)

it's back!!

k, took awhile, but i made another journal. and THIS
time, i'll have enough sense not to give it to people, well
other than y'all. now i just have to remember what i called crap. thats not gonna work to good and it'll
be pointless to write all this if i cant remember the name.
ah well, so be it.

ooh! after sitting here for about 2 hours and being bored
out of my mind i started thinking about summer and i
decided to see if my swim suit still fit. and holy crap it
did!! i couldnt believe it. it wasnt tight or disgusting
looking or anything. and if i didnt have so many bruises
and i didnt look albino, i'd go swimming. but there's also
the little fact that its about 35 degrees outside...that
could present a few problems. but be that as it may, I'M
SOOOO HAPPY!!! my favorite swimsuit still looks good. so
now i just have to wait til summer...argh. i want to wear
shorts and flip flops again.

i cant wait for tomorrow. its gonna rock. its the 1st
valentines day that i'll actually get to spend with
somebody i truely care for, and actually be with them,
unlike last year where i went with my no ex-boyfriend and
passed the time with him tryinng to convince me to sit on
his lap and let him pick me up and then run his hands all
over me. and to top it off, he didnt even bother to find
somewhere that everybody this side of egypt wouldnt be able
to watch him be a perv. heh, surprise surprise. but this
year's gonna be sooo much fun. now i jsut have to find

now i want to go swimming...i want to go to florida and
stay on the beach and become tan again instead of scarely
albino-ish white. i also wanna go play mini-golf. i suck at
it but its really fun, plus i get to make a fool outof
myself which makes people laugh, which makes it all good. i
want one of leia's fake margaritas,(y'know if you go to
walmart and get that margarita mix that you freeze and pour
sprite remix in it it tastes really good. man now i need to
go to walmart)and go lay out on the beach at night and fall
asleep. gee, i dont want much do i?

i wonder if i can convince my mother to lemme go to the
mall tomorrow. i dont see anything wrong with it, i mean,
he'll protect me and he doesnt drive fast and there arent
that many freaks around here. ooooh...i may use that as
part of my argument, i mean, i of all people should be able
to tell a freak from a mile off. (and in case somebody
actually ahppened across this and doesnt know who i'm
refering to as a freak, i dont mean the goth people or
anything like that. those are cool people. by freaks i mean
the extremely perverted that intend to kidnap you
and screw you and then either throw you to the side or kill
you. wow, such nice descriptions...)but anyway, maybe maybe
maybe she'll let me go. i think i may have a chance at
convincing her. hope hope hope hope hope hope hope. yea...

so anyway, there's that. it's almost 2 am and i'm getting
sleepy. apparently my nap that i took at momma's work in
which i curled up in 2 chairs under a cape and used my
leather jacket as a pillow didnt achieve the effect i
wanted. tho i wasnt mad when i woke up. thats always a good

forever 17

(incase you're wondering, thats a song that made me cry
awhile back, and its really really sweet and sad and made
me think and i thought it sounded cool)