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2004-02-14 06:08:49 (UTC)

Future Memories

Here's my plan...

1) explore new people
1a) find a family
1b) find someone to spend my life with

2) find a Family
2a) find someone to spend my life with

3) find someone to spend my life with
3a) find a way to spend that life
3b) find somewhere to spend my life (remotely)
3c) explore what has yet to be seen
3d) make a family (even if it's foster or adopted)
3e) share with my family the good things I've seen

When I marry it'll be till death do we part, but back in
the old days people didn't get to choose who they married
yet they still eventually learned to love their spouse and
made families and died happy... people spend so much time
killing themselves over the physical attraction rather than
the emotional safety, the biggest one being their
families... and mine I have tried, but my bother is
retarded, my dad is distant, my mom doesn't understand me
refuses to notice me unless she wants something or I've
done something wrong, even then it's short lived... more
later I'm sure, but sleep beckons