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2004-02-14 05:42:08 (UTC)


Many people know that I like certain things but does anyone
know why?

ever wonder why I love "The banned and the bannished"?
or "White Oleander"...

1) is about a girl who loses her family, finds a new ones,
and is loved and hated by all because everyone is somehow
connected to her, and thier fate is shaped by her actions

2) is about a girl who has no real family, every time she
feels like she fits in she's cast away, left with another
scar, searching for a new family, yet a little stronger
than she was before her misfurtune.

My Obsessions:

1)Orphans (the want for family) - because I have no family
Here's a list of a few broken families.
Mine - Shattered, Dysfunctioned
Brady - Left and haven't seen or talked to in over 2 yrs
Kimo - Barely remembers who I am, and now hates that which
I've become
Jenni - Couldn't stand me being in her mind.
Meri - Father, mother, sis can't stand me... wow 2:3 what

2)Friendships - Much like relationships these never seem to
last long enough (thank you military), and definately are
not as potent, most are weakly casual, friends build
family, again leading up to the previous want of a family...

3)Relationships - I've been in them since 6th practically
non-stop, although the feelings are almost always pleasant,
the only time they lead up to family is in the independant
stages of life, othertime they lead only to stress and
destruction... angain leading back to 1...

4)Wings - symbol of freedom, leading to independance,
leading to the want of a family...

5)Cats - you can never truely own a cat, they are graceful,
cute, cuddley, but with freedom, leading back to 1

6)Gypsys - Live in woods, travel, without walls or
boundaries, and need little money to make themseleves
happy, leading to freedom...

7)Lucifers - Fallen from the eyes of all that is beautiful,
forced to dwell amongst the insanity of the immoral humane
world, or kill themselves and give themselves to the arms
of hell... kinda how I feel

8)Vampires - Thought of as a beatiful mysterious race,
people of night that are thought of as either beauty or
horror, their life is one without end, without end is to be
without meaning... people have meaning to their life cause
they fear the end and are forced to live it, but those who
can't die cannot truley know love, because it is boundless
pain that they live with until they are slain... sorta how
I feel.. they are free, they're beautiful, but they can
know no mortal pleasures, because they can't last...