2004-02-14 05:06:06 (UTC)

mm back to the shitty part of my life

ya, things were looking good, but hey, i guess a part of
this whole thing im going thru right now, is all about ups
and downs, well lookie thur, im back to the shitty side.
tonite, work was a bitch. damn people buying valentines
cookies for their "loved ones"... its the biggest bunch of
bullshit if you ask me. valentines day blows big balls.
judy got on my nerves the whole nite, but me stef and
lindsey made if fun by mocking her and shit. bassil came up
and talked to me, so at least i had someone to talk to. ya,
funny thing i mentioned that. because supposedly two of my
friends were going to come up, and bring me subway, bc i
called them at 7, and they made it sound like they were
brining it up soon. so i passed up the chance to have my
parents bring me up dinner. yea, they def. never showed, so
today, i didn't eat breakfast bc i was running late and had
to go to krogers, ate lunch at 11, and didn't eat dinner
till about 10. awesome. but yea, i waited around the mall
till 9:30 to see if they ever would show up. yup def.
didn't. so i headed home bc i was hungry. lol, the funny
thing is, at 9:40 they finally call to see where i am and
ask if i was mad at them, hello? and then, when i didn't
answer because i didn't want to deal with people who forget
about me, they call me from another persons cell phone,
real cool guys, no... oh well, that PROB didnt help the
situation bc i knew they were w/ that person and at least
someone else (bc im a genious ;) HA) so i got sold out for
a bunch of fuckers. awesome. oh well, i was pretty freakin
ticked so i went out driving for 2 hours tonite. fun times,
listened to some good "let your anger out" music and had a
hell of a lot of time to think about shit and decide what i
really want in life and if im happy with how i am now. and
i came to the conclusion that i hate pretty much every
aspect of my life. but i figured, at this moment, i have 2
options. 1 is, quick fixes, quick get aways to forget all
my woes. yes, this is a good option, i took advantage of it
tonite. and 2, let shit take its path, and wherever i end
up in live, ah, thats it, oh well. anyway, tonite, friday
night, i am home at midnite, on a four day weekend. this is
a first, but def. not the last, i see many more in the
future to come.

mm thats all folks