Things I Wish You Knew
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2004-02-14 03:23:22 (UTC)

My Puppet Master Friend and the Strings I Control.

I have a friend, go figure, that seems to think he
is the master of minds. He likes to manipulate people, and
corrupts them one-by-one until they either hate him or
submit to him. This thought intrigues me, for I am always
up for a challenge, so I accepted his mind games in a sort
of battle of wits.
Most would think that a battle of wits is petty and
just a way to show who is dominant, but it is rather fun.
The challenge was, if I could get him to be a
hypocrite on what he stands for before he could get me to
do the same of myself. Confused so far? Good.
The point is, that he wants to prove he is better at
manipulating people then I am. We chose to manipulate each
other to make it easy. If you still don't get it, I will
write more on it later, for now I must go I am out of time.

Until later my friends,