Things I Wish You Knew
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2004-02-14 03:11:57 (UTC)

My Not-So-Simple Life.

For those of you that think you've got an odd life I
warn you, you've never lived mine. People often think I
lie, or over-exaggerate when I tell them about my life.
Well, I don't, because I don't need to. One day I will
write a book, but until then I will write a diary for all
to see.

I will begin with a few simple things about myself
that will come up often.......

-I was born in England on an Air Force base.
-I have three brothers (2 younger, 1 older.)
-I was raised in Texas and I do NOT have an accent!
-I live in Cali. as a result of a younger brother that is
an actor/model.
-I have traveled to many states and countries.
-I may seem like a smart-aleck know-it-all, but I am often
misunderstood in my intentions for I am neither.
-I NEVER exploit my mistakes, they do not exist in my mind,
they are a figment of your imagination and I deny they
-I have an opioion on EVERYTHING, even if I know nothing.
-I am always right, even when I am wrong, because then I am
right that I am wrong and will deny it anyway.

The quicker you understand these basics, the easier it will
be for you to understand me in general.

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