Things I Wish You Knew
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2004-02-14 02:54:39 (UTC)

These Are The Things I Wish You Knew.

This is something I wrote for one of my friends
while I was in AP Government. I normally never write things
like this, but I was having an emotional day.

I wish You Knew

If ever tomorrow never comes there are things I wish you

First and foremost, you're my friend, the smiling face
upon a sullen day, the voice of reason, an unbiased ear to
vent to.

I've been stripped down to sides no one has ever seen
before. I wouldn't even know myself if I didn't know you.

You've seen the good, and accepted the bad, only you
understand me. And, though it scares me, I owe my self-
discovery to discovering you, the backbone to which I rely,
the should on which I cry.

Though we've only known each other for a short time, the
thought of you will forever be on my mind. Words are yet to
describe the connection we have.

Love, hate, or just a lucky twist of fate I do not
know....but I do know this...

These are only a glimpse of what you mean to me, but
these are the things I wish you knew.

But, until now I've never been able to tell you, but I
only wish you knew.