would the world stop spinning
2004-02-14 01:43:16 (UTC)

valentines day

well i couldn't imagine things being any different than
they are right valentine's day is comming up
and everyone is happy in love, or slowly stumbling their
way there.
my sister and emily are grossly romantic
ginny and rhiannon are finally together and being
disgusting happy freaks,as they should be
miss aften has found someone so amazing, i do so hope it
all works out for them,i did alot of work for it not to.
but then i....i...get stuck with the valentine that ditches
me, she tells me two days after saying she would be that
she couldn't have a valentine on valentines day,i know its
some party thing that her and her friends have done b/c
they have all been single,well this year they aren't and
now she's the only one....ha!
i hate girls....kidding,i love most of them,the ones i
don't wanna date or havn't fallen for.

i'm so happy for everyone, it takes over my mind and i get
giddy and it's not even something for me.