Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-02-14 01:08:48 (UTC)

Berlin Day Three (Part Three)

Tube, again, seemed the best option and there was -
helpfully - an Olympia Stadion stop. We made our way
towards it. Did anything good happen on the train? Well,
we made friends with more Aussie girls, who gave MTS a
Koala by which to remember them - one of them, in a bowl
hat, was remarkably hot - that's why we started talking to

They informed us of many things.
a) Melbourne is crap. No-one should go there.
b) They really missed home
c) The Bill is really popular in Australia
d) One of them got really bad PMT

And then they got off the train. I think the highlight for
me was one of them asking if we enjoyed the Olympic
Stadium. And then saying. "Of course, you haven't been
there yet, but imagine you have...."

However, when we got there, it was amazing. I loved it. It
was like a German Wembley for me, but I could tell MTS and
TN were less than amused by it. Still horses for courses,
I told them at the start I wanted to go there - they were
long forewarned.

We were, by this point, quite tired. And we went back to
the hostel, for shame, to eat there - it was a lot
cheaper, as well, but the food was only average.

So, after another couple of games of pool with the
(annoying) guy from Nottingham during Happy (3) hours, we
made our excuses (although one of his female classmates
was quite hot) and headed to one of the bars on MTS's
treasured list.

WILT? Nothing.