Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-14 00:52:35 (UTC)

Berlin Day Three (Part Two)

Where to go? It was back to that most traditional of
decision makers, the road that we could walk down. Past
the Romanian, Argentinian, American, Belgian....all the
embassies and onto a street with an ACTUAL bookshop on it.

And a bank, because MTS and myself had about E4 between
us. (Pesky not having Euro sign keyboard). A wander, a
wander more, and a bit more of a wander (this was becoming
routine now) led us to think we couldn't find or afford to
eat anywhere. This, however, was not the case. We went to
sit in the window of a restaurant so posh we couldn't even
understand the menu, and for an added bonus, our waiter
only spoke German - and not the German that MTS and myself

After much difficulty, I ended up some (lovely) breaded
potatoe and cheese things on a vegetable...I suppose a
vegetable burger, but they were far nicer than a
conventional burger - good veggies baked together.

We spent a long time waving to people through the window.
Some liked it, some didn't. We kind of expected that. We
did notice, meanwhile, that the girls were a lot hotter in
the rich area. Is that a fact? Yes, it is. That's not to
say a girl has to be rich to be hot, but she does have to
be hot - and if she's in the rich area, that's where she


After lunch, and annoying a woman a great deal whilst she
supped her coffee (again, annoying people was routine) we
decided. Or rather, I made us go to the Olympic Stadium.

It was NOT a wasted trip.

WILT? Michael Jackson - Beat It