Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-14 00:42:52 (UTC)

Berlin Day Three

Well, we didn't get much of a morning this day. I woke up
late, massively hungover, and I felt rank - as a result -
most of the day. MTS and TN both went for a shower, but I
chose more of the not doing anything but groaning
approach. It didn't make me clean, but at least I felt
good after it.

After the previous day's debacle, we decided to head to
the rail station first, so as to prove we wouldn't get
lost straight away, and lo and behold we made it to the
right hand side of the city; the clearly more prosperous
west side.

It was this day we had allotted to the seeing of the 'big'
Berlin things. The Reichstag, the Brandenburg gate, and I
was determined to see the Olympic Stadium (of Hitler and
Jesse Owens fame); but we had to do the two former first.

If you've ever been somewhere like that - a non-
functioning historical building - with me, you'll know
what I do. It was what we did. We made jokes (the
Brandenburg gate, this was) about the people on top, about
what it did, about everything. Yes, its nice to see it,
but what else can you do? Everyone knows it, what it is,
and why its what else to do?

The Reichstag was more fun, as there were more arty photo
opportunities to be had on the steps thereof. I think I
got one of MTS's face from ground level with the Reichstag
in the background. And, because we're like that, we kept
going up to this group of people telling them they were in
for a "Rights-tag" (Right, as in good - tag, as in day)
They were German, though, so they didn't seem that amused.
Well, each to his own, I say.

So with those monsters of the German tourist trade out of
the way (I rushed past them here, too - there's just
nothing to say. People know them, we saw them, end of) we
tried to find somewhere for lunch. Not easy, given that I
was wearing my Huddersfield shirt and we were at the home
of the German parliament (think quite upmarket)

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