Nick's Journal
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2004-02-13 17:38:50 (UTC)

No Officer this is not my bike, it's my cousin's

so today i was in a horrible rush as i have been all week
long and i had to make it back home in 10 mins so i could
change and meet my advisor. now the lock to my bicycle
hasn't worked in a long time and it always get stuck when
i try to open it. well today i'm frantically trying to
unlock it and i have 2 more mins until the bus comes by me
and i have to walk home. so i'm jostling the lock all
around nervously scanning my environment for the bus.
with about 30 seconds left i just ran to make the bus.
now i remember looking back seeing a cop out of the corner
of my eye watching me, so now he promptly stopped me and
asked me whey i was in such a hurry after i saw him.
then i realized that it looked like i had tried to steal
it and then book it. boy is this embarrassing. so then
he asks me is this your bike? and being the dumbass i am i
hesitate, cos really it's luke's. so then he was about to
beat me down when i offered to show him that i could get
the lock open with this key.
talk about having a pool for a grendel as i put the key
back into the lock with a shaky hand. i hadn't worked my
wrist harder than this since, i realized i had a
downloaded a 3-some lesbian porn instead of a 2-some
lesbian porn. thank god it worked and i was able to get
out of there cos that cop was being all belligerent, it's
quite ridiculous. unless a cop is reading this, then it's
cool. don't shoot me.