Denika's CraZY Life
2004-02-13 17:24:50 (UTC)

Boys, Ouch and more Boys

The last time I worte, it was about the boys downstairs..
Well, I go tto know one boy, Kyle aka Hack very "well"
anyway.... The weeks have been passing so quickly and I
have been struggling to keep up. I have been trying to keep
in contact with the boys downsatirs, but you know how it
is, say hi here and there.

Chelsea and her family came down, it was so0o0o0o much
fun. I missed Ben's first skate. but I caught his seccond
the next day. But that night we went out on the town
(chelsea, cass and a friend of hers) we painted the town..
omg.. im so bad!! we went to reflections,and then to the
dome after a while, and I had promised myself that I would
kiss 4 boys by the end of the night... well.. when we got
to reflections, the dome was going to close in a little
while, and i hadn't even started my quest. I thought it
out. "How am i going to do this?" well... I saw a bunch of
hot boys, picked on e out and said in his ear "Its my
birthday, and I have to kiss the cutest boy in the bar."
lol!! f*ing awsome! he kissed me! lol it was great! I tried
it with the next guy and he said " So you think I am the
cutest guy in the bar huh?" i said " yes" he replied with a
chuckle, "I so would, but my girlfeirnd would be pissed." I
laughed and appoligized, and went ot walk away, he grabbed
my arm and said "I really appreaciate it though, I m going
ot tell all of my friends about this" I laughed some more.
We laughed. Then we left that bar and went back to the

I really missed them. Cass, Chelsea, Judy and Ben. We
have so much fun when we are all together. They gave me a
care package. It was so sweet. It came in handy!

Last saturady Vanna and I went out on the the town. I met
two really awsome people. Collin and Tom. They are such
great fun guys. We went down to reflections, then to toms,
and then back to Reflections. It was so much fun. I danced
like a mofo that night.

A guy named Andy wet with us, it was fun, I dirty danced
with him all night, I wasnt interested or anything, he was
hot, but also really.... bad and stuff. I had a blast,
Vannah and I came to the school after that and slept. But
we didnt get back until around 5. I had so0o0o much fun.

School went by the same as usual. Lots of work.. I got my
first instalment of money formt he government. I bought 500
dollars worth of clothes, paid all my bills,got my phone
hooked up, got cable, and did something... interesting.

This is the ouch part of my journey. Although, it really
didnt hurt at all. Well, the clothes were a fresh start. i
have been feeling down about my image. My confidence has
been great as always, BUT i needed something.. hence the
clothes... hair... and TOUNGE.

all.. but I cant eat anything right, I sound like I am
deaf. My tounge is so swollen it doesnt even fit in my
teeth casing. Oh well, I knew that It would be be like
that.And the pay off is going to be so great. Watching me
eat is like watching a bird eat a F*ing fish. LOL! Anyway..

The next thing.. Paul.. yesterday..* sigh* boys.. John..
*sigh*.. the cute boy down stairs that is on my match list

Vannah and I are going out again with Tom and Collin.
YAY! Its going to be so much fun. They are such great

I think that just about wraps it up for this little while.
Till next time.