WhoaBaby! Crazy life
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2004-02-13 04:52:04 (UTC)


Do you think you've got it?: obviosely i mean look at me

Oh, you think you've got it?: but got it just dont get it
when theres nothing at all

Well there isn't anything at all, what do you think about
that?: well i think that youre wrong and there is somethnig

Will you go play hide and go fuck yourself?: probably not

Anyone you want to play hide and go fuck yourself?: oh god

Are you being honest?: fuck yeah! fuck on

What are you listening to?: blueside- rooney and Brand New
and no doubt

Who will you marry? (not joel or johnnie): some1 w a boner?
i hope

What do you think is cooler than being cool?: SKINNY

Will you lend me some sugar?: as long as ur my neighbor

Do you like Smacks?: yeah i love it when u grab my ass, put
ur hands in the air.. who da true playa.. lalalal now im
into that 1 song.. i liek ti when u call me big poppa,..

Do you like Goldfish?: not really they r ugly and tuna-ish

What do you shake it like?: a polaroid picture..

What color is your hair today?: i dont really honestly
know.. i was brown now its like.. brown but not brown its

Have you ever heard of MC Luscious?: nope.. sounds

Is this random enough for you?: nope..

Are all cheerleaders stupid sluts?: deffinetly not.. they
r just people liek u and me who liek to say "L-E-T-S-G-O,
come on ____ lets go!" im not a cheerleader

Did you fuck my boyfriend?!: yeah i did.. liek 30 times..

Is your ex-boyfriend a fag? (mine is): uh. yeah my x is the
biggest fag in the world but he doesnt count but my x x
isnt a fag hes just crazy..

Do you like boys or girls?: boys i love boys they make me
so happy n horny.. i mean oops i didnt say that yeah boys r
chill.. i love 2 play .. hehe boys r my everything

Are you a boy or girl or... a fag?: im a girl.. and i liek

Are you as mean as me and Tapper?: oh im meaner.. i make
ppl cry

Do you want that Plata-ma-pus shirt as much as me?: say what

Jessica Simpson, Dumb or Misunderstood???: misunderstood
shes os funny and real pretty.

If someone tells you to break it down, what do you do?:i
hump them.. thats y my name is ivana..

Be you ghetto?: nope.. thugs annoy me

You dyslexic are? (am I): what teh hell u ganggster stop

Do u feel beautiful w/ just a t-shirt on?: yeah but i feel
beautifuler naked.

-Hot or not?-

Johnnie? (yes): nope

Orlando Bloom?: HUMP ME NOW OMG RAPE ME!

Chris O'Donnell (robin)?: Who? I dunno...


Ben Affleck?: nah hes dirty now he was w BigButt

This quiz is done?: NOOOOO!

Took ya a second to get it, didn't it?: im sad now

Yo, what's your name?: Ivana
How old are you?: 16
When was your first kiss?: when i was 12..
Who was it with?: some ryan kid
Where was it?: roller rink
Was that the only kiss of the night? ;): uh. there was like
Are you still with/in contact with that person?: nope..
What was it like?: real bad.. sloppy and bad
Did you enjoy it?: nope it was wierd
On a scale of 1-10, where is it on your kissing scale?: 3.4
Have you ever made out in the rain?: omg i think so!
How about on a beach?: no
Are you really bored?: Yes

Stolen anything?: yep
If so, what?: chocolate.. i was a lil fatty and fatty
wanted food
From where?: grocery place was like 7
Smoked?: yes
If so, got addicted?: No
When'd you start?: N/A
Done drugs?: yes
If so, which ones?: dros
Been to rehab?: no
Alcohol: Yay or nay?: Yay...
Favorite alcohol beverage?: bacardi o3!
Ever been caught stealing?: No
Caught drinking? *under aged*: uh yea. no more trust..
Caught smoking? *under aged*: No
Been to jail?: No
How old are you, anyways?: 16
Been in a cop's car?: No
Know a cop personally?: yea dare teachers
Are fireworks legal in your state? *they sure aren't here*:
um nope i dont think so

Song that makes you happy: lonely sweedish tom green
Song that makes you want to cry: Concrete Angel Martina
Song that makes you feel dreamy: from me to you beatles
Song that makes you sleepy: Its your love
Song that makes you want to dance: Magic Stick
Song that makes you want to close your ears: Holidae inn
Song that makes you think of that special someone:Snoop dog
baby- reel big fish
Song that makes you feel relaxed:Waiting for my ruca-
Song that makes you feel inspired: What i got- sublime

Series one – General:
--- Full Name: Ivana Miletic
--- Birthdate: sept 23
--- Birthplace: Derventa, Bosnia and Hercegovina
--- Current Location: Hamburg, NY
--- Eye Color: green
--- Hair Color: brownish
--- Righty or Lefty: righty. lefty is abnormal.. klike an
outtie.. eww
--- Zodiac Sign: Libra
--- Innie or Outtie: innie

Series two – Describe:
--- Your heritage: Croatian
--- The shoes you wore today: sketchers
--- Your hair: Umm… layered, short
--- Your eyes: green!
--- Your weakness?: im a "tease"
--- Your fears: spiders…
--- Your perfect pizza: cheeeeeese!
--- One thing you'd like to achieve: have sex b4 i die?

Series three - What is:
--- Your most overused phrase on
aol/aim: “obviosely" abd :blah blah blah"
--- Your thoughts first waking up: need more sleep
--- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: Eyes
--- Your best physical features: my bum bum bum. shake it
liek a polaroid picture
--- Your bedtime: whenever i wanna hehe. be kinky ppl

Series four - Do you:
--- Smoke: No!!
--- Cuss: uh every day twice on sunday
--- Sing well: Doubt it
--- Take a shower everyday: Yup!
--- Want to go to college: YUP!
--- Like high school: well mostly its shitty. so nah i hate
it i have senioritus and im only a sophomore…
--- Want to get married: Yeah
--- Type with your fingers on the right keys: never
--- Believe in yourself: uh.. no im a depressed freak..
hahahaha iight
--- Get motion sickness: ya
--- Think you're attractive: yeah why not?
--- Think you're a health freak: Umm… no
--- Get along with your parents: not lately
--- Like thunderstorms: wow they r so erotic, hump me now!…
--- Play an instrument: Nope

Series five - In the past month, did/have you:
--- Drank alcohol: Yep
--- Smoke(d): No
--- Done a drug: No
--- Go on a date: ? Yep MOVIES!!!! SCORE!
--- Go to the mall?: Yep
--- Been on stage: Um… no
--- Been dumped: YEAH RIGHT!! like i ever get dumpe? ghaha
--- Gone skating: uh.. no
--- Made homemade cookies: cake
--- Been in love: yeah with ashton kutcher and josh hartnett
--- Gone skinny dipping: i wish. thatsso hot
--- Dyed your hair: i think so but i dont remember
--- Stolen anything: NO!
--- Kissed someone: last time was new years
--- If yes, who: nobody u freak..

Series six - Have you ever?
--- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: hehe
--- If so, was it mixed company: im not tellin
--- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yeah. its bad..
bad.. its so bad
--- Been caught "doing something": nopers
--- Been called a tease: fuckin a. like every day..
mattsome1 [11:42 PM]: so are you just teasing the fuck
out of me or are we gunna get together sometime
--- Gotten beaten up: haha yeah right
--- Shoplifted: NO!
--- If so, did you get caught: no
--- Changed who you were to fit in: No

Series seven – Random:
--- Age you hope to be married: 28
--- Numbers and Names of Children: chase, reena, marko
--- Describe your Dream Wedding: a dress. and then great sex
--- What age do you want to die: when im ready 2 haha…
--- What do you want to be when you grow up: I really
haven’t made up my mind yet
--- What country would you most like to visit: Been there
done that.. yeah honestly
--- Current Clothes: AE shirt pj pants. g string and bra
--- Current Mood: real tired
--- Current Taste: cappuchino
--- Current Hair: Down
--- Current Annoyance: Pop-up ads
--- Current Smell: Curve
--- Current thing you ought to be doing: reading to kill a
--- Current Desktop Picture: emachines
--- Current Favorite Groups: justin tinklehead, sublime,
reel big fish, beatles, britney spears 3 doors down red hot
chili peppers
--- Current Book: 2 kil a mocking bird
--- Current CD In Player: mix that jen made me 2 yrs ago.
--- Current Worry: i have a math test tomorow..…
--- Current Crush: um. ur it baby

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