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2004-02-13 03:42:56 (UTC)

efen A

ok 2 start out in writin this i wanna say RAY U SUK!!! ok
2day started out kool...i went 2 skool& in the morning hung
out w/ nikki yay!!we talked about y milk has 2 come outa
the nipples...why does milk come outa the nipples?kinda
makes u wonder,y cant it come outa our fingers...i mean
geez!@ lunch i hung out w/ my bud sarah,then went 2 go c
mike & lessa & wow i ate sum good ass chocolate..it was
tasty & scrumptious! thanx mike!!then went 2 7th period..it
was boring as hell so i wrote sarah a note,& got outa class
2 give it 2 her..that was fun lol!!it it turns 1:13 & i get
called 2 the office...i was like wtf am in trouble
again...but NO i get a note 2 call my mom right away!! so i
called her & she says she wont b able 2 pick me & lessa up
4 two hours,i was pissed!! i wanted 2 call lessa on the
micro phone thing but i didnt no her last name dammit
lol...id b like "lessa come 2 the office its important
dammit!"haha...the bell rings & i RUN!!!i got on the bus &
stole mikes cel fone & called lessa...& she said wed stay
after skool...so i did & it was kool...she spit water in my
face BEOCH!! but its ok i won!HAHAHHAHHHA i also watched
her fall on her FACE hahahahahahha!! smart 1 lessa!lol its
ok...but ne ways after my mom picked us up @ skool we went
2 the galeria mall...it was soooooooo frustrating &
stressful u have no idea...what the hell do guys like 4
valentines day!!!we looked everywhere literally...we wanted
2 buy mike a dildo but we werent 18 :( gosh!! we went 2
nuthin but silver & i bought jay sum earings...& argued w/
the guy workin there...he was cute though...right lessa!! o
ya i also examined hid wrist...hahah!so i got jay his ear
rings...but lessa still didnt have mikes gift...so we went
2 hot topic..& bought him a ICP doll...& lessa hahah kept
askin me "are u sure" aaaaaah lol!!she wasnt sure if she
wanted 2 gibve it 2 him 4 valentines day..so we called ray
& asked if it was a good gift 7 he told us mike alrwady had
it! so we had 2 go take it bak & we went 2 spencers &
bought mike a frame w/ the key 2 the heart...its cute!!& i
bought jay a card..i didnt read it though..omg it said crap
like we were mariied!!omg F*** that!! im sendin that 2
julian!!thats my baby right there!! thanx lessa 4 tellin me
lol!! but then we dropped lessa off @ home & i came home &
cleaned 4 ten bux!!then im on line & lessa tellz me mike
doesnt have the doll OMG im f**** pissed off @ ray...so
much work 4 nuthing!!!AAAAAAAAAH!!lessa lets kill him...u
wanna? lets go!! lets attack him w/ a pickle!!yayaa!!
hahahha!2moro ill attack..u go 4 his penis ill go 4 his
nose!!lol!! i sill luv u ray but geez!OOOH yah im
competeing w/ alessa 2 c who can gives the biggest hikkis!!
im gunna win of course lol!! well c 2moro!! well ima go..o
ya guess wut!! i got chocolate pudding 2nite!! yay ...a 36
pack omg im the happiest person alive!!