Too Much to Say
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2004-02-13 03:31:48 (UTC)

no tears for me

funny, i wrote that entree about being "heartless" or
whatever, and then i remembered a song i wrote 2 years ago:

Shattered lives
Battered wives
Hurting souls across the earth, I see
Broken seams
Unspoken dreams
A lonely heart in every home

Nations are falling
Creation is balling
And i cry a tear for them

Each story fills my soul
Each pain will cut my heart
I see the lost, the hurt, the torn
and i will weep for them.

Break my heart
Mistake my art
Hurt my soul, what will you see?
Burn me deep
I've learned to keep
My walls built high and doors shut tight

Mountains of sorrow
But no fountains flow through
Cause I'll cry no tears for me.

I'll weep when you fall down
I'll bleed when you are wounded
But when I'm lost, or hurt, or torn I'll cry no tears for me
I'll cry no tears for me.

"Jenni's happy, never angry"
She laughs because she cannot cry

Is it pride?
Why do I hide
All the stings, the stabs, and the scars
The broken seams
Unspoken dreams
The lonely heart inside my home?