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2004-02-13 03:00:11 (UTC)

old entries

Wow. I just read through stuff that I wrote almost two
years ago, and wow. I'm astonished. I know I had a
problem, but wow. That was really sick. I'm definitely
over all that now. I got up the courage to stop running
for a team (now I run recreationally), I eat what I want
now, and everything's good. I still have issues, but
they're to the point where I pretty much have control over

Yeah, everything's good. And I say that as I'm sitting
here wanting to kill myself from this mono. It absolutely
sucks. My head is throbbing, my side hurts, my throat is
sore, my lymph nodes in my neck are...just incredibly huge
and hurt to touch...aaand my head hurts! Oh yes, and
things aren't good between me and my boyfriend...but that
could be due to me being kind of crazy with the whole mono
thing. I just feel left out b/c he's the president of
speech and they are holding a tournament this weekend, so
he's crazy-busy with that... so I get random calls
with "how are you feeling?" rapidly followed by "um, we
need your dad to judge these times" or "gotta go, kane is
calling me now" or "you need to sign this for this" blah
blah blah. I don't know if he knows how awful I feel. I
got so sad when he decided they would get someone else to
work in my spot for the tournament...then, my head started
pounding and i just laid back and cried for a half an
hour. I can't do this long-term sickness thing. I'm used
to being sick like once every four or five years and
getting over it in a day or two at most. This just blows.
So I don't know what I expect from him, I really don't. I
just want to get over this and then I'll confront all my
issues with that. Blah...

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