Perfection Kills
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2004-02-13 01:57:19 (UTC)

Things to think about...

~Leah: See, visual discrimination (aka disc. based on
color of skin) is just a "problem" of geography.
KT: *sitting down, looking at her feet* I think we should
just shove the entire world in a tiny box and say 'Hey!
try to be discriminatory now'...

~ The question is not "What would you do for love". Love
is chemically identitical to eating a lot of chocolate.
The real questions are "what would you do for lust"
and "what are you going to do when that feeling is gone".
Or how about "what are you going to do when that person's
gone and you realize no amount of chocolate can replace
them... and no amount of anything will bring them back"...
Do you really want to hurt like that? From love doodles
one day to liking your best friend the next... Ha love...
this feels more like pain... more like lonliness... and
patheticism... this feeling i hold in my chest... this
feels more like heartbreak.

~ Realize that you are not the only one with feelings.
You are not the only one who has been hurt. Remember,
when you fight with someone - those are words you can't
take back. It will create pain. So many times i've held
back truths because i didn't feel the words worth the
price of a friendship. And then i sit there while they
say the most hurtful things... it seems close friends are
always the ones with the lowest blows... which i think is
shit because they're your friends... no matter how mad
they get, they should be able to hold it back... i mean if
i can... whatever... i'm off topic... during these
fights... my friends bring up my biggest mistake(s)... and
throw them in my face... i just wish i could stop caring
about repurcussions enough for one minute so i could look
them in the eyes... with my tears streaming and my chest
heaving and just say "You're only saying that because you
know it hurts me..." I wish i could ask some of my friends
(past and present) why i'm always the bad guy, especially
for things such as feelings and honesty... whatever... so
many things i bitch about that i can do or am not willing
to do anything about... ah... i hate this...

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