Best Left Unspoken
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2004-02-12 22:24:56 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 7

Chapter Seven
“Okay I’ll start but you know it won’t be as good as
anyone else who has been up here,” Seth looked around and
put the twig into his right hand.
“Sure it will you just have to get into it. I swear it is
so much fun!” Beth looked at him seriously.
“Well, the little group of people that were left that went
into the basement huddled together. They all looked
terrified,” Seth looked up at the ceiling with big fake
terrified eyes. His lip quivered. Everyone giggled and
Seth smiled at us. He tried to ignore it and continued
on. “The thump continued slowly down the basement
steps. ‘Good-bye everyone, I love you guys.’ Brittaney
said to the group. ‘What are we going to do?’ Tiffany
asked everyone. She looked worried. Really worried. Thump.
Thump. Thump. The thumping made it down to the bottom of
the floor. There was then a sound of something dragging on
the floor. It couldn’t have been someone’s feet, it was
too big. Each time there was the sound of dragging it
sounded almost painful. There was a soft moan. ‘You guys I
don’t think that, that was the killer.’ Steven said to the
remaining group. ‘No I think it’s...’ Jennifer stopped
talking as the dragging sound was right outside the door.
She went over to the door with a flashlight and she opened
it to see Sara crawling on her hands and knees dripping
and spitting up blood. ‘It’s Sara!’ Jennifer finished her
sentence. Sara crawled into the room with everyone so that
Jennifer could shut the door. Sara made it half way into
the room and fell over. She curled up in a ball and
grabbed her stomach. ‘Sara are you alright?’ Seth said as
he kneeled down beside her. Everyone else in the room went
over and stood over her. They then all sat down in a
circle around her,” Seth got down on a knee and pretended
to be taking care of someone.
“Gee, for someone who said that he couldn’t make a good
story your already doing good,” Jennifer said and rolled
her eyes when Seth looked over. He looked over at
her. “Sorry to interrupt. Please continue.”
“Okay so anyway as I was saying. The little group that was
sitting around their friend just looked at her for a
second. Then Tiffany looked Sara in the eye and asked
her ‘why did you come all the way down the steps and
through the basement? Why didn’t you just stay up there to
die a little less painfully? Why? Tell me, I wanna know
why you put yourself through all that just to come down
here to us.’ Tiffany looked away from Sara and looked at
everyone else. It seemed completely silent for a second
until Sara moaned again. ‘I, I.’ She looked up at
Tiffany. ‘I just needed to tell you something. I know who
he’s going to kill next. I in fact know the exact order he
wants to murder you guys in. I have to tell you.’ Sara got
that much out so far. ‘What is the order Sara? Maybe if we
figure this whole thing out we can get out of this house
before anyone else gets hurt. If we plan all this out
right we can all get out and take Sara to the hospital.
And,’ Tiffany stopped there. She stopped because Sara
started to cough. She was coughing really badly. There was
blood all over the floor from where she was cut and coming
out of her mouth while she was coughing. It may have been
really gross but everyone around there at that time had
some of her blood on them. They didn’t even jump back.
They all knew that this was the end for her. There would
be no hospital bed, there would be no making it through
all of this for Sara. She was really dying. She kept
coughing. Over and over again. She couldn’t help it. The
blood was all over the place. Every time she coughed it
forced more blood out of her big gash and out of her
mouth. It looked so sad just to watch someone that they
have known and been friends with for years, die slowly
right in front of them. This was different from Jonathan,
Mitchell, Beth, and Ethan simply because they were never
right there when they died. They weren’t close enough to
touch like Sara was. Tiffany looked at her and was in
tears, she leaned forward and hugged Sara lightly. Sara
groaned in pain but put her arms up as if to hug back but
couldn’t. That was it. She was dead. Right there. Everyone
around was just sitting there in shock. Sara died before
she could explain what she wanted to explain,” Seth
explained everything in complete detail.
“Yeah, okay, I don’t think that I’m going to be very good.
Mine won’t be as good as all of yours,” Beth said
mimicking Seth. “That was pretty good for someone who had
said that right before he went up there and started to
tell his story.”
“Well, Sara just left me with a good place to tell the
story. I was going to say that Ethan was crawling down the
steps but he kinda got stabbed like a hundred times with
blood everywhere. So I just said that Sara came thumping
down the steps,” Seth tried to explain why it was better
than he thought it would be but he was getting no where.
“So that doesn’t matter. You could have said about a
hundred other things that were thumping down the steps but
you decided that of all things it would be our dying
friend. Just finish your part because I think that we
should go look for Jonathan and Mitchell. They have been
gone for way too long. I think that they might have gotten
lost,” Sara said.
“Okay. So anyway, Sara died there in Tiffany’s arms. Her
blood all over all of them. It was on their clothes, on
their hands, even in their hair. Just thinking about what
might happen to them next they really didn’t care at the
moment. They then heard what was their worst fear. They
heard real footsteps walking down the steps. They then
heard the laughter of a sick and twisted man. That sick
and twisted man wasn’t only sick and twisted he also had a
big knife in his hand. ‘I have an idea.’ Steven looked
around the room with one of the other flashlights. ‘If he
really has this whole thing planned out than he really
only wants to kill one of us.’ He looked at everyone again
as if he were trying to figure out who was going to die
next. ‘Well for now anyway. Then if we all stay down here
and see who he goes toward first we can all run around him
to the door and shut and put something big in front of it.
We’ll know who to hide and be safe for a little bit
longer.’ Steven finished his plan. The man made it to the
bottom of the steps. ‘Sounds good since it’s the only
thing that we have.’ Tiffany said and everyone got up and
ready. They were ready to run faster than any of them ever
have in their entire life. They were ready to pounce
chicken style,” Seth finished his part of the story, also
leaving the next person with a good place to finish with.
The more that we go through the story, the better it gets.
Everyone seems to be ready to jump up out of their seat
every time someone else is telling the story.
“Okay so that was awesome for someone that was so doubty,”
Beth said and looked at Seth. Seth just smiled.
“Yeah really mister I don’t think it’s going to be very
good,” Jennifer rolled her eyes. “I thought that everyone
else’s was going to be better?” Jennifer said in a
question kind of voice. Everyone laughed.
“Are we going to look for Jonathan and Mitchell or are we
going to just finish the story then look for them and tell
them what they missed. I think that the second one is a
little harsh. Don’t you guys?” Ethan asked everyone else.
“I think that we should look for them but let’s choose
whose going to tell the rest of the story. Sound good?”
Sara asked everyone in the dusty living room. At first no
one really answered, they seemed to be thinking about it.
Even though it really didn’t need much consideration. I
think that they were just waiting for someone else to
answer for them.
“Okay so who wants to be next? I have an idea let’s vote
there is only Brittaney, Tiffany, and Jennifer left. So
anyway who votes for Brittaney?” Ethan raised his hand. He
was the only one to vote for Brittaney. “Okay Jennifer?”
Seth, Brittaney, and Tiffany raised their
hands. “Brittaney, Tiffany, and Jennifer’s votes don’t
count. So Tiffany?” Steven, Beth, and Sara voted for
Tiffany, Jennifer did too but Ethan just shook his head at
her and smiled. “Nice try. Tiffany won anyway,” Ethan
looked around at everyone. “So go up there and get the
twig then let’s go look for Jonathan and Mitchell before
they get even more lost.”
“Okay,” Tiffany got up off the couch and went to the
middle of the room to get the twig. “So let’s go look for
“I think that it would be faster if we split up,” Sara
told everyone in the room. But they really didn’t look to
excited about that. “What is everyone’s problem it would
be faster,” Sara looked around at everyone’s facial
“There is only one flashlight Sara. I know that it would
be faster but that would mean that one group would be in
the dark. I know that you wouldn’t really care but let’s
face it, it would be a lot harder to find them without any
light,” Brittaney said. She looked a little freaked out by
the thought of going through the old house in the dark.
“Okay well let’s just go,” Sara got up off the floor then
said, “Wait! I have a candle and matches in my little bag.
She pulled out a brand new candle and a box of
matches. “Who wants to walk with me?” She looked at
everyone. No one said anything.
“I do. This is going to be awesome. Come on we need two
more people,” Tiffany said and looked at everyone else.
“Not me. That is just a little to creepy for me,”
Brittaney said and Jennifer agreed. Seth walked over with
Brittaney and Jennifer.
“I’m going with them,” Seth said. Beth walked over too and
just stood there.
“So Ethan, Steven? Are you guys going to come with us?”
Tiffany asked.
“I guess. I mean it’s just candle light. Nothing is
different from when it’s a flashlight or the sun,” Ethan
“Yeah,” Steven agreed. And then they were off into the

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