What the Fuck
2004-02-12 22:09:58 (UTC)

can't wait

i have nothin to do 2 day and it is so borin i hate livin
in Macon u can't really hang out newhere b/c
it's "loitering" which is stupid as hell-neway the only
thing i'm doin tonight is goin to Barnes & Nobles to study
b/c i have a English test tomorrow but that is the only
thing that i am doin-but i can't wait until this weekend
b/c on friday i'm goin over to my friends house to eat then
that same friend and it's her b-day on Valentines Day so
that night we're goin to the movies b/c her b/f is out of
town so she can't really do nething with him-then on sunday
i'm goin over to my friends house then we have more friends
comin over to ride the fourwheeler-then we're goin over to
my other friends house to watch movies and hang out so that
is what i have to look forward to-neway sorry this is so
long i'm bored and there is nuthin else to do.G2G.BYE