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2004-02-12 21:39:44 (UTC)

Berlin Day Two (Part Five)

We had to get to Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. This was easier
said than done, but we made it, and quite easily, if I
remember. (I don't)

Then, from there, we were on map duty, looking for
Rosenthaler S. I was elected map man,
really, as the singing behind me suggested, and I had to
take us to our destination. I'd like to say it was due to
my profound sense of sanity and the fact I looked
respectable, but it was probably that I was more drunk
than anyone (though I remember being quite sober at this

Nevertheless, after a few false alarms, and a few turnings
that anyone could have got wrong (really, I remember this
quite well, the 6 of us were getting along like a house on
fire by this stage). However, as always happens in a
situation like this, we got to where we were MEANT to be,
but what we were looking for wasn't there.

There was a bar, so we went into it to ask for our place.
I got the drinks in, and gradually we all filtered to the
toilets before we headed off. TN and I hadn't quite
twigged the D & H door signs yet (Damen and Herren,
folks), and we both walked into the ladies. There were
some unamused Australians in there. the end...after asking a great many people, and
indeed, ending up in the pub across the way, they told us,
we got into this club, and promptly sat in a corner.

I think we all got a drink, but I don't recall. My
clearest memory is looking across to MTS, who was shaking
his funky manoeuvre on the floor, and TN, who was looking
at a girl (as is his want) a lot taller than him. I was
sat down with - and, I hold myself to this - the hottest
of the the three girls.

After an hour or so in the club, MTS and TN had both
gotten off with their girls (What is it with him and
taller girls. You won't remember Zool. It was very funny)
and I had been getting closer to mine. There was no action
though. (!).

Not too long after this, though the girls all ran off
(they had to leave for Prague at 10 in the morning) with
nothing but a vague indication of their room number...MTS
and TN tried to find it after we got a taxi back to the
Hostel, but to no avail. I was long asleep, but woke up
with a banging headache the next day. The price you pay?
Undoubtedly. But worth it.

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Oh - end of Day Two, by the way.