WhoaBaby! Crazy life
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2004-02-12 21:37:00 (UTC)

in my world..*

Well well well.. Another 1 of my excellent adventures is
about 2 b written. r u ready 4 it?
Well today.. in the morning I went to Potter road on a
fieldtrip 4 Auto body. its not liek im really ganna take
that class.. i went 2 get out of school for 4 periods..
and to see Mike G! Me and mike used 2 b really really
realy good friends and stuff and i realy honestly miss him
crazy! What happend was that i liked him and he liked
other ppl and i kinda messed things up 4 him and i really
do feel bad now but yeah. i just home me n him can b good
as new again someday. cuz i still think he secretly hates
me? maybe he doesnt i duno.. but yeah potter road was
realy fun.
i think i wanna get a tattoo someday.. i just gatta really
think about what i wanna get and where. maybe like a
something on my back i duno.
Valentines day is in like 2 days.. im so sad.. wow way to
break a heart. i mean come on now what kidn of evil person
amde up valentines day? single ppl like me feel all lonely
and stuff.
AND NOW.. the PLANs i had 4 saturday r falling through cuz
my parents really really suck and tell me 2 b home by 12
and wont let me leave at 8 cuz "its too late" its not my
freaking fault that i have to work.. MEDIA PLAY ROT IN F-
IN HELL.. I was in a really good mood but now im not so
sure anymore. fuck fuck fuck.. i need 2 hear teh Jay and
Silent Bob song.. jays rap.. mostly cuz it calms me down.
WOW i hate being 16. there is NOTHING sweet about 16.. i
hope i liek get called off on saturday or something.. id
only be getting like.. 6 whole hrs for the week but come
on now who gibve a shift 3 to 8.. what odd numbers.. y not
liek 12 to 5? . but thats just my fascinating life im
really really mad now..
And why does holland have 2 b like an hr away? how
retarded is that?i just wish i was about 2 years older. my
parents need 2 let me have freedome. i mean they arent
that bad but this is just gay.
well on that note.. yeah.. today in lunch something kinda
funny happend. some kid behind me have me a purple vday
heart thingy it said "lets read" so i wrote on the other
side "lets bone" and then i left my seat when i came back
i found a yellow heart that said "ok" i thought it was
kinda cute/funny
well now im really sleepy.. and i cant even take a nap cuz
im going 2 the gym w my mother shortly.
adios amigos
the one and only Ivana

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