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2004-02-12 21:16:49 (UTC)

Berlin Day Two (Part Four)

And the plan worked. I don't recall our journey back,
unless it was the one where I had my photo taken under a
photo of Rudi Voller - and it might well have been.

But we made it with about an hour and a half of Happy Hour
left, and a gimp from Nottingham we'd met the day before
(and subsequently produced a bootleg copy of himself) was
there, along with TN and I having THE worst game of pool
the world has ever seen. I'm not quite over the
embarassment even now - and nor would you be if you'd seen

But nonetheless, we soldiered on with our drinking - even
if MTS had to ease off to a Vodka Red Bull at one point (I
can't support that, clearly. When in Berlin.... - as
people said FAR too often while we were there). But
anyway, as Happy Hour was coming to a close, we started to
go round and ask people where they were headed. Having
only snaffled a guide from reception, we had only one
place in mind - it had Donuts in the title, and if ever a
nightspot needed a gimmick, there was one right there.

The first table we went to (of course) was three
Australian girls - and I'm damned if I can remember their
names.... - but the only place they'd heard of was this
same Donuts place, so we arranged to go there together
despite both our similar incompetence of map reading and
subway using. In fact, we had rather more things in
common. Obviously, there was the love of beer....the love
of Neighbours (Which is by far the easiest conversation
starter with any Australian, they either love it or hate
it, but they all have SOME opinion and story about
it....grand) and other things.

So we set off into the night, going somewhere the three of
us had no idea of, but the three (rather lovely) Aussie
girls seemed all the more confident of. We hadn't used a
tram yet, but wherever we ended up...I want to call in AM
to PM, but that's a song. Truth be told, we were all quite
drunk by this point, and my memories become hazy at best -
(Save for one - read this before the email, Didi). I know
there was a dancefloor downstairs, and I seem to remember
a guy who looked a bit like a pimp dancing, and I remember
the legs and breasts of one of the Aussies dancing (She
was, not her body parts).

And then we bundled into the night, with no idea where we
were going, except that we needed an underground...or an S-
Bahn station. I'll look on the map in time for Part 5.
Which will follow shortly.

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