Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-12 21:03:55 (UTC)

Berlin Day Two (Part Three)

Where were we? Oh, yeah. Clutching DVD porn as night fell
on Zoolgischer Garten. I'm worried now, I feel like that
might have been day 3, but hey, it can't have
been....I know where we were. I'm getting lost, too many
things happened, and I can't place them all in the
chronology. No, I'm sorted now I think.

After much wandering in the rain, we decided we needed
more beer. Or, rather, I decided we needed more beer, for
it was ultimately my decision. So we found a charming
Turkish restaurant (no, not a kebap house) wherein we
could sate both hunger and thirst.

It was a nice restaurant, cheap-ish, and he gave good
falafel and had a tramp come in to use his toilet...but
there was something odd in the corner of the room.
Obviously, we all noticed the REALLY hot girl come in. I
say girl, she was mid/late 20s, but she was REALLY hot.

She was with a bloke. I thought it was a joke at first. He
was, literally, the fattest man I have ever seen. If you
know the phrase 'wide as he is tall', you'll visualise
this man. He wasn't. He was probably 5"8 tall, but at
least 4...4 and half feet in diameter. Maybe more
actually. He looked a bit like an accurate globe at a
different angle.

And so it goes. It was by now that my question
of "So...what's the plan for --INSERT TIME PERIOD HERE--"
was beginning to get annoying, but the plan was to head
back to the hostel for happy hour, see if anyone was going
out. Tag along if they were, and then get back to get up
for the 'morrow.

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