Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-02-12 20:48:52 (UTC)

Berlin Day Two (Part Two)

After sufficient mulling over which restaurant to go into,
we plumped for the one with the hottest
waitress...although she was about 35, she was still quite

The restaurant itself was playing the oddest selection of
tunes you can imagine. I wish I'd taken down a track
listing. There was certainly....

2 Chris de Burgh tracks - including Lady In Red
Land of Hope And Glory, sung
A piano requiem
Meatloaf singing No Matter What by Boyzone

and other things. Never mind that, we got our beers which
were bloody nice - and our meals....nice as well, my
noodles were new on me, but came up trumps. So we paid and
left. At the door we were stopped by said cute waitress
saying 'Tip is not included'. Boy did we ever feel...well,
as if we had to tip her really.

So on we went. This is reading like a kids story, I know,
but I'm remembering different stuff all the time, so it'll
carry on like it. I might edit it later, but probably not.

We didn't quite know what to do that afternoon, so we
decided to aim for Zoologischer Garten - where all the
trains ended up. It was a resounding success. Everything
was there. Shops, cinemas, lights, cameras,
action....even...even...a sex shop.

Now, being foreigners in a foreign land, we were obliged
to go in. Well, you do, don't you? And...well, MTS and
myself just amused ourselves with various crackin' titles
such as Abuse That Ass 2, and the - now legendary -
Pissing Pygmy In Chains (for all (and more) of your fetish
needs). TN, meanwhile, after his porn mailouts last year -
not his fault - was in his element, and very much came
away clutching a DVD like a filthy man. Result, we thought.

So....on we walked.

WILT? Nothing at the moment.