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2004-02-12 20:37:10 (UTC)

Berlin Day Two.

As far as I recall, Day Two started quite early, and with
considerable resolve to get something out of it. And we
were successful in that. At least enough.

Of course, not knowing what we did then now, we bought our
day tickets for travel on the Berlin system - E4.50, they
were - and decided to stay within the two first alloted
zones. Wisdom, they something.

So, what did we want to do? The first day we wanted to get
all the big stuff out of the way. The Reichstag, the big
Space Needle-y chap, and some other stuff....

Anyway. This space needle thing (I never did find out what
it actually was) was towering over everything, leading to
many "No....what space needle gags" you would expect
for such jesters as ourselves. We were in
Alexanderplatz....those of you that know it will know that
there is an 'Asiaheadshop' there, and of course, with MTS
being asian...well, you know the photo. After following
our noses, and my choice of going all the way to Reno
(another shop) we were down past a statue of Karl Marx and
someone else, past the Aquarium, which was opening that
day it seemed, to a wonderful square with a huge church
and an art gallery. Now, being cheap, we didn't want to
pay for the privelege of looking round an art gallery, so
we didn't. We circled the front stairs, made a comment on
them, looked at a painting on a book in the gift shop, and
then made our way outside, where it had started to rain.

By this point, MTS and myself had started going all 'arty'
with our photos, much to the annoyance of TN, who said we
were stupid to take photos of trees with buildings in the
background. He had a point to an extent. There were no
photos taken, though, as we ran back to the station. The
side we ended up on was not quite what we expected, but we
decided to stop anyway for lunch, as much to get out of
the rain as from any great desire to eat at any of the offence, though, obviously.

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