Too Much to Say
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2004-02-12 19:38:58 (UTC)

i love my friends

i feel so blessed. i have some of the most amazing
friends in the world. sometimes i wonder why i got to be
one of the lucky few who have those kinds of
relationships. i mean, how many people can say they've had
the same best friend since 4th grade? or for that matter,
say they've kept in touch with their best friend from high
school? well i have. and even here at college i met
another incredible person to share my life with.

stephanie, there are no words to describe our
friendship. no words adequate. i feel like i have the
most to say to you, but the least amount of words. there
couldn't be two more different people in the world, and yet
so the same. there is a part of me that only YOU will ever
know. you are my childhood. you know how everyone
says, "it's the kid in me"? well, YOU are the kid in me,
and that will be with me until the day i die (a blue haired
old crotchey woman.)

celina, you are my soulmate. you read my thoughts
like no one can. and no one will ever understand me the
way you do. i could tell you anything...and i know you'd
most likely be thinking the exact same thing. (which is
why, of the three, i'll always fight the most with you.)
you know it. i know it. anyways, i just love how you can
figure out my whole string of thoughts by just glancing at
my face. it's definitely a special bond. you can read
me. and i know you'll never judge me.

lori.....whori lori. haha. you're just awesome! i
couldn't make it through life at OCU without you. you know
what, i think we're officially an item. like everyone
associates one of us with the other. i love it. you have
the best laugh in the world! it's one of your most
endearing qualities (and it doesn't sound like a crow).
because it's so real. and that's you, you are real. you
are honest. soon enough we'll run away from this shit-hole
together and find whatever it is we're both desperatly
searching for.