Something For The Rag & Bone Man
2004-02-12 19:08:24 (UTC)


So much homework and stuff at the moment and god knows what
i've gotta do for the PE coursework. Pretty sure i failed
that science test.....nevermind i'll get over it.
After reading my other entries i've noticed how boring this
thing is....because....yes...i am boring..but still I wont
let it get depressing (even though i listen to Radiohead)
because those diaries just get on my nerves.
Must get some stamps so i can send my postcards to Wil, i'm
sure he'll like them..mmmm hail to the thief.
We break up tomorrow......JOY ME DO!
I was wondering: Why do I use this when i have a much nicer
Oh today was funny when we had a lady called Kate come in
and tell us about germany and stuff, me and Adam were
laughing at some year 10 lad who looked....well..funny and
then we laughed at Etienne when he answered a question and
went into a big essay which we couldn't understand what he
was saying. Adam is funny.
Nicola has had her hair cut, looks nice, makes her look
older i think. Good telly tonight!
Man, I really would have liked to see Jeff Buckley live and
i've noticed how good looking Thom Yorke is even though he
has a skanky eye. Also, on broken sword there is a couple
of posters on the walls and the bloke on them looks just
like buckley....man, i sound a bit obsessed.....maybe... i
Matt went to see Love last night, heard a couple of tracks-
they sound alright, he's really into them.
Valentines on saturday...aww no cards for me, nevermind :)

Think i'll change the name of this diary...