The End of Life As It Was
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2004-02-12 17:18:13 (UTC)

Life as seen thru my eyes 1

Today woke up with a huge headache, my eyes hurt and I
feel just acheing all over. Open the door and its so cold
I never realized my dislike for cold weather. I am here
for now but miss living in a nice warm climate that I have
been used to all my life. I miss my family and friends.
I have my young son with me and he keeps me going for
now. I am afraid even that incentive may run out soon
enough. I thought I might take him out today if only for
short walk in the mall. Even that makes me sad cause I am
surrounded by stranger in a strange place. Back home I
had a girlfriend who used to go out with me on my walks.
She had a little girl too who used to play with my son. I
miss lunches with my hubby too. Now all I have is this
big empty hole with nothing to fill it. Yet its 10am here
and still I have not gone out. Got up at 7am tried to go
back to sleep but couldnt. Dont know what I will do now
just dont know.

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