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Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-02-12 11:04:24 (UTC)

The Big Idea

When I was in Heywood, unknowledgable of Todge's existance
and not really making a very good job of fitting in, there
was this year, um, cant precisely remember, who was, in
every sense of the word, gorgeous. To describe how
amazingly gorgeous he was would take too long, so just,
trust me on this one.
When I was in year seven I was very very short (hadnt yet
hit growth spurt etc) and he seemed to think this was an
asset. He thought it made me cute and sweet. And when a guy
like that says your cute and sweet, you kind of get a
little bit of a confidence boost.
When he left Heywood, I pined for a while, stayed happily
ensconced in my own little world of Charlie, Gez and
Daniel, untill Rob came along and the whole thing crashed
down around my ears. And for a while Jamie was, although
not forgotten, pushed to the back of my mind.
And so it remained untill I ran into him last week. Time,
thay say, effects everyone, but I couldnt see the slightest
bit of change what-so-ever. Which is good.
And now I find that he is single, and when told by my mate
Nigel that somebody he knew liked him, apparently sounded
very interested.
This is the part where I resort back to little year seven
with a pathetic little crush and make a complete fool of
myself, so much so he never wants to see me again right?

Well, I wouldnt know, because I haven't seen him since all
this happened.

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